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Jyväskylä, Finland 10-11 november
Domare/ Judge saturday Frank Kane UK
Griffon Bruxellois (6)
Moden Mil Lord Eddard Stark ukl / Interm Excellent 1 BM2 CQ, CAC, NORD RES-CAC

Petit Brabancon (10)
Cayafa's Qine Hot Hot Junclass Excellent 2nd
Domnare /Judge sunday Svetlama Kokonena Lettland/Latvia
Griffon Bruxellois (5)
Moden Mil Lord Eddard Stark ukl / Interm Excellent 1 BM3 CQ, RES CAC
Owner Kennel Cayafa's

Petit Brtabancon (12)
Cayafa's Qine Hot Hot juncassl Excellent 2nd BB2nd CQ, RES CAC
Owner Liz Asclepian

BÖ Norge/Norway
Domare/Judge: Anna Maria Tarján, Ungern/ Hungary
Petit Brabancon
CAC BIR/BOB NJV-17 Cayafa's Orcana som blev /As become NOCH SECH FINCH DKCH today

Ägare / Owner Torild & Ole Josef Lybekk, Norway

Skk Sundsvall 6/10
Domare/Judge: Anna-Lena Angeria, Sweden
Petit Brabancon (25 enter)
3rd best Dog NORDJV-16 NOCH SECH FINCH DKCH Cayafa's Nemorino
3rd best Bitch & CAC NOW-17
Cayafa's Orcana Hot

Ägare/Owner Torild & Ole Josef Lybekk, Norway

2 dagars utställning i Oppdal iNorge / 2 days dogshow at Oppdal in Norway
Domare lördag: Judge saturday: Carol Mulcahy, Irland
Domare söndag: Judge sunday: Jussi Liimatainen, Finland
Griffon Bruxellois
BIR/BOB both days
NordCh Cayafa's Le Roi

Äg:/Owner Arna Berg Sæther, Norway


BÖ i Norge dubbel national 25-26 augusti 2018 /BÖ in Norway double national show 25-26 august 2018
BEST IN SHOW båda dagarna/ both days!!
Lördg/Saturday 25/8
Domare:/ Judge Olena Fesenko Ukraina.
BIG domare/BOG judge: Olena Fesenko
BEST IN SHOW domare/Judge Arne Foss. Norge

Söndag/Sunday 26/8
Domare/Judge: Irina V Poletaeva, Finland,
BIG/ BOG : Irina V Poletaeva
BIS Irina V Poletaeva
Detta är det äkta ansiktet på en mycket glad ägare efter två BIS VINSTER!
This is the true face of a very happy owner after two BIS WIN!

Owner Ole Josef & Torlid Lybekk, Norway
(Oh GOD I love this photo)
SDHK Luleå, Sweden 19/8
Domare/Judge: Gabriella Carlid, Sweden
Griffon Bruxellois
Moden Mil Lord Eddard Stark (Boris)

Ägare/Owner Cayafa's kennel
Petit Brabancon
BIR/BOB Best junior CAC
Cayafa's Qira Hot Hot

Ägare/Owner A-L Angeria
Kuopio, Finland 4/8
Domare/Judge Markku Kipinä, Finland
BIM/BOS, CAC Notdic CAC Best Junior
Cayafa's Qira Hot Hot

Äg/Owner: A-L Angeria
Ylivieska International, Finland 22/7
Domare/ Judge: Smojver-Selimovic Jadranka, Kroatien/ Croatia
CERT/ CAC, BIM, BOS Cayafa's Qira Hot Hot

Äg/ Owner A-L Angeria, Sweden
Kemi International, Finland 21/7
Domare/Judge: Göran Bodegård, Sweden
Griffon Bruxellois
Best male CAC BOS Moden Mil Lord Eddard Stark (Boris)

Ägare/Owner: Kennel Cayafa's
Petit Brabancon
Best male BOB and BIG-4 Nordjv-16 NoCh, SeCh, FinCh, DkCh Cayafa's Nemorino
Ägare/Owner: Flor De Canelas kennel, Norge/Norway
Piteå International 15/7 2018
Domare/ Judge Birte Scheel, Danmark
Petit Brabancon (11)
BOS, CACIB International Champion!!
Cayafa's Nemorino (Morino)

Owner: Flor De Canelas kennel, Norge
Piteå International 15/7
Domare/ Judge Birte Scheel, Danmark
Griffon Bruxellois (6)
BIM/BOS, CAC (from juniorclass)
Moden Mil Lord Eddard Stark (Boris)

Owner Kennel Cayafa's
30/6 Trondheim Norway
BIR/BOB Nordic Champion Cayafa's Le Roi

Owner Arna Berg Sæther, Norway

23-24/6 Griffon speciality and Miniature dog club at Maura in Norway

Best of Breed Cayafa's Orcana with owner Ole J Lybekk

BIS -2 Progeny group with daddy Ch Jet's La Cage Aux Folles (Jean) and 4 off springs

Cayafa's kennel BEST IN SHOW Breedersgroup!!!!!! (out of 4 groups)

BIS-2 Progeny group with mother Ch Cayafa's Hot Hot Hot (Hottan) and 4 off springs

Ch Cayafa's Hot Hot Hot (mum), Cayafa's Olivia, Cayafa's Qine, Cayafa's Orcana, Ch Cayafa's Nemorino
Ch Jet's La Cage Aux Folles (daddy)

Ägare:/Owner: Torild & Ole J Lybekk, Norge/Norway


Ägare:/Owner: Torild & Ole J Lybekk, Norge/Norway


Söndag/Sunday 27/5 SKK i Piteå
Domare:/ Judge: Kaisa Metteri-Gold,  FINLAND
Griffon Bruxellois
BIR/BOB, CERT/ CAC Moden Mil Lord Eddard Stark (Boris)
Owner kennel Cayafa's

Petit Brabancon
Bästa valp/ Best puppy HP Cayafa's Qira Hot Hot

Owner Anna Lena Angeria
Lördag 26/5 SDHK i Luleå
Domare Gunilla Albrigtsen
Griffon Bruxellois
BIM, Cert Moden Mil Lord Eddard Stark (Boris)

Petit Brabancon
Best puppy: HP Cayafa's Qine

Owner Liz Asclepian
Uleåborg, Finland 13 maj /Oulu, Finland may 13:th
Domare: Tenson Helin, Finland/ Judge Tenson Helin, Finland
Junior Bir, Cert, Nordiskt Cert, BIR / Junior BOB CAC, Nordic CAC Best Of Breed
Moden Mil Lord Stoddard Stark (BORIS)

Ägare/Owner Kennel Cayafas

SECH NOCH Cayafa's La Tassa
Cert, Nordskt Cert FINSK Champion BIM /CAC Nordic CAC FINNISH Champion BOS

Ägare EL/BF
Ålesund, Norge 6/5
Ålesund, Norway 6 may
28 - 29 april

Owner: Ole J & Torild Lybekk, Norway
19 mars 2018
Grattis till Anna-Lena Angeria och Cayafa's Qira Hot Hot som varit på sin första utställning
Grand Openshow i Kalix
BIR-valp för Yvonne Larson
BIS-4 valp 4-6 månader av 17 st BIS domare var Arne Foss, Norge

Congratulations to Anna-Lena Angeria and Cayafa's Qira Hot Hot who had been at their first show
Grand Opening Show in Kalix
BOB puppy for Yvonne Larson
BIS-4 puppy 4-6 months out of 17 puppies
BIS judges were Arne Foss, Norway


8/2 2018

Multi Champion & Multiwinner Cayafa's Tiona
17/5 2003 - 7/2 2018

I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep.
I could see that you were crying...you found it hard to sleep.

I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear.
"It's me, I haven't left you...I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."

I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea.
You were thinking of the many times, your hands reached down to me.

I was with you at the shops today, your arms were getting sore.
I longed to take your parcels, I wish I could do more.

I was with you at my grave today, you tend it with such care.
I want to reassure you that I am not lying there.

I walked with you toward the house, as you fumbled for your key,
I gently put my paw on you. I smiled and said, "It's me."

You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair.
I tried so hard to let you know that I was standing there.

It's possible for me to be so near you every day.
To say to you with certainty, "I never went away."

You sat there very quietly, then smiled, I think you knew...
In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you.

The day is over...I smile and watch you yawning
And say, "Goodnight, God bless, I'll see you in the morning."

And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
I'll rush across to greet you and we will stand, side-by-side.

I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see.
Be patient, live your journey out...then come home to be with me.

-Author Unknown


Välkommen till Sverige Boris !/ Welcome to Sweden Boris
Moden Mil Lord Eddard Star

18/11 2017

Ägare:/ Owner: Torild & Ole Josef Lybekk, Norge
Handler: Roy Fjerdingby!
Igår föddes 2 korthårs flickor efter
Far: NOJV-12 SECH NOCH FINCH Jet's La Cage Aux Folles
Mor: C.I.B. NORDISKCH DKCH Cayafa's Hot Hot Hot
Bilder kommer då dom fått ögon

Norway august 19th
Överkalix 13/8
Domare: Birte Scheel Danmark

2 btkl/ 2nd Best Bitch CK/CQ Cayafa's Hot Hot Hot
4btkl/4th Best Bitch CK/CQ CAC Cayafa's Olivia Hot
Äg/ Own: Kennel Cayafa's
BIR/BOB C.I.B. Nordic Champion Cayafa's Izzica
Äg/ Own Kennel Cayafa's
2 bästa tik/2nd Best Bitch CAC SwedishChampion Norwegian Champion Cayafa's La Tassa
Äg/Own Elise Landenstad

Kajaani Finland 30/7
Domare:/Judge: Juta Haranen, Finland
BIR/BOB CAC & Finnish Champion
NOCH SECH DKCH Cayafa's Ninya
Owner Anne-Katrin Hansen & Kjell-Arne Jensen, Norway

Kemi 23 july
Judge Inese Pablaka
Cayafa's Olivia Hot 3 Best bitch CQ

Piteå Int 16/7
Domare: Lilian Ridder De Oghena
SECh NOCh FINCh DKCh C.I.B Cayafa's Hot Hot Hot
Äg: Kennel Cayafa's

2:a bästa tik från juniorklass och CERT på sin första utställning/
2nd best bitch from juniorclass with CAC on her first show
Cayafa's Oliva Hot
Äg/Owner Kennel Cayafa's

Uleåborg/Oulu 15-16/juli

Cayafa's La Tassa BIR på Hadeland Norge för domaren Samuel Carlid 25/6

Pic 1 left above 21/6 Hadeland Norway Griffon specialty Judge: Elvira Romanenkova, Russia
BOB Nordic Ch C.I.B Cayafa's Izzica
Pic 2 Gällivare Int Sweden 1/7 Judge: Ekaterina Senashenko, Russia
BOB SECh NOCh FINCh DKCh C.I.B Cacib Cayafa's Hot Hot Hot
Pic 3 Trondheim Int Norway. Judge Mona Selbach, Norway
BOB NJV-15 Nordic Ch Cayafa's Le Roi, Owner Arna Saeter, Norway

Tromsö 18/6 NKK Internationale
Domare/Judge: A-C Johansson, Sverige
Cayafa's Ninya BIR Cert, Cacib, Nordisk Campion!
Nord junV-16 Nordisk Champion Cayafa's Nemorino BIM, Cacib
3:e bästa tik Cayafa's Medea
Ägare till Ninya: Anne-Katrin Hansen, Norge
Ägare till Nemorino Ole J & Torild Lybekk, Norge
Ägare till Medea Marte Barte Klausen, Norge

Ägare till Nemorino Ole J & Torild Lybekk, Norge

Hur glad kan man bli över en sådan kritik!?
How happy can one be for a critik like this!?

27/5 BÖ Norge
Domare valp: Judge puppies: Eva-Lill Brattlie. Norway
BOB Puppy Cayafa's Orcana

Domare: Judge: Breed specialist Mr Shane Thomas, Australien
BIR/BOB, CAC and NORDIC Champion Cayafa's Nemorino
(bara 2 år o 3 dagargammal / only 2 years and 3 days old)
BIM/BOS Cert/CAC and NORDIC Champion Flor De Canelas Kisses Of Fire

Äg: Own: Ole J & Torild Lybekk, Norway

SNKK i Piteå 21/5 (Swedish Kennel Club North)
Domare/Judge: Marie Petersen Danmark
BIR/BOB Manticorns Enrico
BIM:BOS IntCh NordCh Cayafa's Izzica
SDHK 20/5 i Luleå (Swedish toydog club)
Domare:/ Judge: Gunilla Albrigtsen
BIR/BOB Manticorns Enrico
BIM/BOS IntCh NordCh Cayafa's Izzica

SDHK 20/5 i Luleå (Swedish toydog club)
Domare:/Judge Gunilla Albrigtsen
BIR/BOB Cayafa's Ninya (Äg:/Own Anne-Katrin Hansen, Norge/Norway)
BIM/BOS Ch Oh Heavens King Of Spades (Äg:/Own: Frida Blom)

Ägare/Owner: Ole J & Torild Lybekk, Norway
17 Maj

Äg/Owner Ole J & Torild Lybekk, Norway
Sunndalsøra, 29/4 2017 in Norway
dommer/Judge Korosec, Mag. Maja
Cayafa's Le Roi
Cert og BIR & Norsk Champion i och med det blev han Nordisk Champion vid 2 års ålder
CC and BOB & Norwegian Champion with that he became Nordic Champion at 2 years of age

Äg/ Owner Arna Saeter, Norway


Ägare/Owner Ole J & Torild Lybekk, Norway

Crufts 9/3 2017
Judge: Mr G Lee

Post Graduate - Bitch Entries: 9 Abs: 2

Tornio 5/3 Nat dogshow
Domare/Judge: Leni Finne, Finland
BIR/BOB C.I.B Nordic Champion Cayafa's Izzica

Äg/Own Kennel Cayafa's
Norsk Miniatyrhundklubb
NMHK avd Nord 25/2-17. Cayafa's Ninya BIR/BOB
Domare: Ole Josef Lybekk, Norway

Ägare/Owner: Anne-Katrin Hansen & Kjell-Arne Jensen, Norway

Grattis till Ole J & Torild Lybekk för godt jobb! / Congrats to Ole J & Torild Lybekk Well Done!

Cayafa's Olivia Hot har blivit 12 veckor

World dogshow in Helsinki

1. Multich Multiwinner Veteran Worldwinnwe-14, Cayafa's Tiona, Sweden 11 yrs
2. Fin Ch Cadogan Bomfunk, Finland,10,5 yrs
3. MultiCh Faiter Betti Biatris, Russia 9 yrs
4 C.I.B Aranycsodaszarvas Kirsberry Franciska, Hungary 8 yrs

Hon gjorde det igen!!! Vann en VärldsVinnar titel/
Denna gån som veteran (11 år)
She did it again!!! Won a world Winner title!
This time as a veteran (11 years old)
SV-06, Euw-06, SeCh, NoCh, FinCh, IntCh, EstCh, Estw-07, WW-08,
Nordic VeteranWinner-11, World Veteran Winner-14
Cayafa's Tiona "Titti"

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